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Quincy Nelson has been obsessed with jewelry since the age of 6 when she got her ears pierced. She has turned that obsession into a hobby and something that fulfills her creatively.

A self taught jewelry designer that is constantly growing and changing aesthetics. She is inspired by gems/beads, fabrics, space, colors and textiles. 95% of the pieces she produces are one of a kind and she usually only has one of each piece. It makes it more interesting for her and it gives people the opportunity to wear something no one else has. 

So welcome to Willa Ford Designs please enjoy and check back often as designs are always being added and designs are always changing. 

Please keep in mind all pieces are handmade and not made by a machine so they can be more delicate then produced pieces. Also if there is any tarnishing on the clasps or other metal parts a Silver cloth works well to get the shine back. 

Contact: willaforddesigns@gmail.com