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Hi, I am Quincy Nelson, Nashville Native, having lived all over the US before returning to Nashville in 2017 after a long stay in Chicago.

A career in Graphic Design and Advertising left me creatively unfulfilled. I have long obsessed over jewelry and over time it became an identity for me.  So it seemed natural to revert back to something I have been so in love with. I started making jewelry as a hobby and then friends and family wanted to wear my pieces and that is how the adventure as a jewelry designer began.  

Self taught, I figure it out as I go and every year I learn more. I make a little bit of everything and do not discriminate when it comes to jewelry. Pieces are inspired by gems/beads, fabrics, space, colors and textiles.

All pieces are hand made by me in my studio in Nashville, TN. Many of my pieces are one of a kind as I love the idea of a person walking around with a piece no one else can have. The name "Willa Ford" comes from a combination of family maiden names.

Welcome to Willa Ford Designs! Please check back often as designs are constantly being added and always changing.